Szor Collections in Dallas, Texas

Jay Szor tells us about his hidden gem of a jewelry store.

Jay Szor of Szor Collections jewelry store in Dallas, TX

How long have you been in business?

My career began in 2009 when my parents opened their first jewelry gallery, Jerry Szor Contemporary Jewelry. That being said, my family has been in the business for decades - my dad Jerry began selling jewelry out of his father's fur business in the 1970's.

Who shops at your store?

Who doesn't!? 😏 Actually, our local clients often refer to us as Dallas' best-kept jewelry secret. While we have a very loyal following in the city, our location keeps us pleasantly under the radar. This leaves time to meet the ever-increasing demands of our online business, devoted to delivering the finest jewelry shopping experience to customers from all over the world.

Handbag selection at Szor Collections in Dallas, Texas

What is your favorite thing to talk about with customers?

Definitely our carefully-curated collection of fantastic makers and the eclectic backgrounds and vision that define them.

How do you want your customers to feel about their jewelry?

To me, it's all about finding a passionate and distinctive personal connection to a piece of jewelry. It blows my mind how often I hear clients talk about how the majority of a collection is either locked away in a safety deposit box or gathering dust at home. I try to help clients consider more of the long-term relationship, to find that one-in-a-billion something that will excite them more twenty years from now than it does today.

Jewelry at Szor Collections in Dallas, Texas

Do you have a strong childhood memory of a particular piece of jewelry?

Not a particular piece. While Szor Collections doesn't sell watches, I was in fact an avid watch collector from age three into my teens. I have 542 watches, although maybe ten of them still work. If you're looking for a Mickey Mouse ring watch, a TV remote watch, a six foot tall watch, or a watch that makes toot noises, I'm your guy!

What is one of the most unique pieces of jewelry currently in your store?

I'd have to say that it would be this Aquamarine Cabochon Ring on a faux bone band with a brilliant-cut diamond accent. My parents bought it for the gallery a few years before retiring. It's so incredibly unique that seven years later, it has yet to be tried on. $10.00 to the first bidder!?

Unusual ring at Szor Collections in Dallas, TX

Do you have a favorite jewelry store in another city?

I'm a big fan of
e.g.etal (Melbourne) and
Tomfoolery (London)
- each features an incredible array of both established and up-and-coming makers worldwide.

Szor Collections can be found at:

6131 Luther Lane, Suite 210
Dallas, TX 75225

On Instagram: @szorcollections


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