I'm Estyn.

Estyn Hulbert, astist and jeweler

My goal is to make jewelry that is both beautiful and timeless, and that brings joy and sensuous pleasure to the wearer. I believe that objects carry meaning and gather stories and my hope is that the pieces I make will travel with you through your life, holding memories of all your experiences and giving you a feeling of comfort and protection.

My jewelry is available in galleries and boutiques across the US and in Paris and London. (Or you can shop here.)

I'm a fourth generation artist.

I was born in Scotland and lived in France and Switzerland before finally settling in the United States. Growing up in a family full of artists and missionaries, it’s not surprising that I’m concerned with beauty and meaning.

My maternal grandfather was artist Garth Williams, who illustrated dozens of children’s books including Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little and the Little House on the Prairie series.

I apprenticed with my aunt, artist and jewelry designer Jessica Rose, who hired me as her assistant and encouraged me to start designing jewelry.

Jessica was a self-taught artist known for her opulent and playful jewelry designs and sculptures. She designed jewelry collections for fashion designers Yves St. Laurent and Issey Miyake, and had jewelry featured in numerous films, including Fatal Attraction. She was honored with a retrospective show at Sotheby's of London. 

Jessica died in 2006 but I continue to make her timeless designs.

Every piece of jewelry is made by hand in my studio.

Estyn Hulbert making jewelry

Each piece is built by hand in my studio, imbuing it with time and attention. I specialize in pearls and colorful gemstones. The distinctive character of the materials and the touch of the tools make every piece one of a kind.

Following the thread of an idea leads me from one design to the next, frequently in an unanticipated direction, always learning from the making itself.

Whether wearing an elegantly layered necklace or a bold statement piece, I want a woman to feel beautiful and confident.

I live and work in an 1840s farmhouse in
New York's beautiful Hudson Valley.

I'm surrounded by mountains, vegetable and flower gardens, and an old wooden carriage barn. The pace of country life matches the pace of my work. Quiet. Focused. Special.

Summer flowers next to the house