Jessica Rose

Timeless jewelry designs by my late aunt and mentor, artist Jessica Rose.
Toned 8 row bullet cuff, designed by Jessica Rose, made by Estyn Hulbert
Regular price $1,335.00
White Pearl Cluster earrings with 14k ear wires
Regular price $325.00
3 Tiered earrings made with gold-plated bullets
Regular price $345.00
Model wearing Jessica Rose Bullet Choker
Regular price $1,840.00
Gold-plated Bullet Cluster earrings designed by Jessica Rose
Regular price $325.00
Gold Bullet La Donna earrings on model
Regular price $380.00
Stone Fringe necklace in apatite and gold, designed by Jessica Rose
Regular price $2,475.00
Model wearing 2 Jessica Rose gold-plated bullet cuffs
Regular price $1,335.00
Jessica Rose 5 row gold-plated Bullet cuff
Regular price $980.00