Paper Trail in Rhinebeck, New York

Serene Hastings and Maureen Missner chat about their Rhinebeck store.

Serine Hastings and Maureen Missner, owners of Paper Trail

How long have you been in business?

Paper Trail is 12 years old. Prior to that we had The Loom Company, a wholesale showroom representing emerging artists and designers in NYC for over 20 years.

Who shops at your store?

Everyone! Locals, weekenders, young people, old people, women, men, dogs, artists, writers, accountants, farmers, professors, musicians, tourists from all over, everyone.

What is your favorite thing to talk about with customers?

Everything new in our shop -- it's a constantly changing array and we love introducing our customers to our discoveries.

Paper Trail owner Serene Hastings chats with customers

How do you want your customers to feel about their jewelry?

In love.

How did you become involved in the jewelry industry?

We represented jewelry designers back when we started The Loom Company, including people like David Urso, whose work we sell at Paper Trail. But at that time, there wasn't an opportunity for talented jewelry artisans to show their work outside of the crafts market. We tried to change that, and marketed handmade jewelry to specialty shops and department stores like Barneys.

Do you have a strong childhood memory of a particular piece of jewelry?

Yes, my grandmother's diamond ring, which I've worn every day for decades.

Is there a piece of jewelry in a book, film or painting that really stuck with you?

I have always been entranced by Frida Kahlo's jewelry in photos and her paintings. It's emotional, historical, personal, and has become iconic.

Paper Trail, Rhinebeck, NY

What is one of the most unique pieces of jewelry currently in your store?

That would be one of yours, Estyn! Maybe those amazing circular earrings with the hessonites?

Who do you like to follow on Instagram?

A huge array of people in various aspects of art and design:
and tons of others.

Do you have a favorite jewelry store in another city?

Tail of the Yak in Berkeley CA for antique Georgian and Victorian jewelry

Twist in Portland OR for contemporary and fine jewelry. 

Paper Trail can be found at:

6423 Montgomery Street
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
On Instagram: @papertrailrhinebeck


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