Goats and garnets...

I've been writing about my family again. My grandmother Gunda was an artist and a big influence on my life. She has an amazing story, starting with her childhood in Germany, and then moving to Italy, Spain, wartime London, Scotland and Quebec, where she settled and I spent some of my childhood summers. Read more...

Gisela von Davidson on childhood farm with goats


New jewelry

I've been making some new gemstone pieces including these garnet Wave Earringskeep an eye on the website to see what I make next.

Garnet and gold Wave earrings by Estyn Hulbert


The best jewelry stores

Have you seen the list of wonderful American jewelry stores that I've started assembling? Please reply to this email with the name of your favorite gallery or store and I'll add it to the list. In the process of researching stores, I've also been interviewing some of the store owners. The latest was Irene Barbieri from Mia Gemma in Washington, DC. Read about the wonderful mix of events hosted at the store...

Mia Gemma jewelry store in Washington, DC


These 3 things

This is what I call a happy dance;
my kind of art — intricate, meaningful and exquisite
murals that explode into bloom.

Floral mural painting



The Serailler series by Susan Hill was recently recommended to me and is very satisfying. I like a good murder mystery and a series is even better.

The Library Book by Susan Orleans is surprising and wonderful. It tells the story of the huge fire at the Los Angeles Central Library, and in the process covers a whole range of other fascinating topics.

What have you been reading? Please let me know by replying to this email. I'm always looking for suggestions.



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