Will you run away with the circus?

Forget that to do list!

This week's summer temperatures have me dreaming of spontaneously taking a cross country road trip.

Or at least escaping to the swimming hole for a picnic.

My new Circus mini collection is inspired by summer entertainment — bunting flags and circus tents. Join the fun and splurge on a new summer accessory.

What inspires me

Reminders that we live in a big, beautiful world:
Haunting, painterly time-lapse videos of the night sky,
an Italian artist who continues the tradition of hand-painting tarot cards,
and this little Polish village, covered in delightful floral murals.

I love to read

I find comfort in reading a good cook book at the end of the day. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat is the perfect culinary read — lots of explanations about why food does what it does, with practical examples and delicious recipes.

Ian Rankin's Rebus series is set in my home town of Edinburgh. His fallible protagonist walks through neighborhoods I recognize and love, but he also exposes the seamy underbelly of this elegant city. Great summer vacation detective fiction.

What have you been reading? Let me know. I always need suggestions.


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