What kind of mouse are you?

I knew that I'd become a country mouse the day I stood on a New York subway platform and covered my ears while the train whooshed into the station. All I could think was "It's so loud!"

It was shortly after leaving New York and already I'd lost my city mojo.

Wooded road vs. Times Square

I love noticing the differences between things. Between my village streets and Times Square. Between riding the subway and driving wiggly Hudson Valley roads. Between materials — colors, textures, sizes…

If everything was smooth, or purple, or patterned with flowers, nothing would arrest our eye. It's the differences that bring each beautiful characteristic into focus.

Strands of champagne pearls
Contrasts make life meaningful. Differences in weather, in moods, in people and ways of life add tremendous richness to our days. There's always something new to see and learn.

What inspires me

These contrasts are inspiring me:
100-year-old faces next to their youthful portraits,
this illustrator's silly take on the differences between us,
and these beautifully unexpected street repairs.

New store

I'm delighted that my jewelry is on its way to Mouki Mou. They selected a lovely grouping of designs. Stop by the shop if you're in London. Or find a store near you.

I love to read

Summer has me in the mood for light and silly fare in the form of the Flavia de Luce series. Bonus: I'm learning about chemistry.

My obsessions with interiors and artists' studios continue. Artists' Handmade Houses by Michael Gotkin and Don Freeman takes you inside some of the most unique homes I've seen.

What have you been reading? Let me know. I always need suggestions.


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