What is belonging? What is home?

After living in the US for over 20 years, this month I finally became a citizen!

Citizenship ceremony
I'm the 4th generation of women in my family who followed love across an ocean and built a life in a new country.

My own wiggly path brought me here, to an old farmhouse in a small village in New York's Hudson Valley, where I can walk to the library and post office, have room to make jewelry and art, plant a garden, and this time of year listen to the geese flying overhead, just as gardeners do back in Scotland.

As much as I miss the place I was born, this is now my home.

What inspires me

This is what's inspiring me lately:
The citizenship civics test as art,
this powerful collaboration between dancers and a painter,
and a reminder that no matter where we come from — we all love to dance.

What are you seeing and hearing? Let me know. I always need suggestions.

Orange Leaf earrings and monarch butterfly

New store

If you live in the Hudson Valley you may be familiar with Paper Trail in Rhinebeck. It's a beautiful store full of stationary and gifts, as well as carefully curated jewelry. I'm delighted they're now carrying my designs. Visit if you can, or find a store near you.


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