Wendy Whelan's earrings

The other night I was watching a movie while making dinner. A few days earlier I listened to an episode of Fresh Air where Terry Gross interviewed Wendy Whelan and it inspired me to watch Restless Creature, the documentary about the dancer on Netflix.

I noticed that in the movie Wendy Whelan was wearing a pair of Ted Muehling earrings. Ted was a good friend of my aunt Jessica. His jewelry designs are beautiful and deceptively simple and I see them in magazines and films on a regular basis. It always makes me happy to spot them.

I was having a good time, slicing an onion, when I looked up to see Wendy Whelan wearing a pair of my earrings!

Screenshot of Wendy Whelan from Restless Creature

They were unmistakable. There she was, chatting to a friend in a diner, wearing a pair of black pearl Daisy earrings

Wendy Whelan screenshot from Restless Creature documentary

I screamed! And then I called a friend. And then I watched scene after scene in the documentary where Wendy Whelan wore the earrings, including while she rehearsed.  

Restless Creature documentary screenshot of Wendy Whelan

Wendy Whelan rehearsing - screenshot from documentary Restless Creature

My job is bizarre. I sit in my quiet studio in this old farmhouse and I make things with my hands that get sent out into the world. People that I've never met exchange their money for these pieces that I've made, and then they wear them on their bodies. This never stops feeling like a magical process. 

It's wonderful to see someone wearing my jewelry. I love it when I see customers and friends wearing my designs and it's exciting to see my jewelry in publications. Seeing this incredibly talented artist at the peak of her career wearing my earrings was a gigantic thrill.

Our choices of accessories are intimate and personal and it's always an honor when people choose to wear what I've made. Thank you, Wendy Whelan, for rocking the Daisy earrings!

Wendy Whelan screenshot from Restless Creature documentary


  • What fun and what an empowering discovery! Good for you.

    Fiona on

  • such a magical moment! and a lovely compliment! i loved her style in the documentary.

    cal patch on

  • I think you ought to forward this to Wendy’s agent!

    Undine on

  • I love this I would be freaking out too but then not so surprising your work is fabulous

    Christine Linder on

  • Oh, I hope she sees this! She spends time in Columbia Cty NY, where I live (and I think not all that far from you) and is often out and about in Hudson. Between choosing your work and Ted Muehling’s, she obviously has great taste!

    Paige Smith Orloff on

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