This old sponge

I have strong feelings about many of the tools that I use daily. As a maker, these tools are almost as meaningful to me as the things I make.  I created #toolsontuesday to keep up the practice of sharing stories about the tools we use.

Every Tuesday, I'll share one of my favorite tools. I hope you'll share yours in the comments — it feels good to honor these everyday objects.

Not all tools are pretty.

I love nothing better than a vintage spatula or screwdriver with a lovely patina on its wooden handle from years of faithful use. 

But this week, in the final frenzy of filling last minute jewelry orders, I realized how much I love this old sponge.

sponge used for packing box paper tape

I use it to wet the paper tape I close up shipping boxes with. It works perfectly, doesn't smell, dries up in between uses and waits quietly in the shipping supply basket with the tape and scissors and sharpies, ready for next time. I can't ask for more from a tool. 

Do you have ugly tools you love?


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