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Do you need a time out?

Do you need a time out?

Back in March when we went into lockdown, I found it hard to keep on making jewelry. 

On the one hand here was a gift of uninterrupted time which I felt I should take advantage of. Haven’t I always bemoaned the lack of time to design new work? What about all those ideas bumping around in my head for sculptural pieces and what I think of as “jewelry for the home”? 

Metal and glass room screen by Estyn Hulbert

On the other hand, hawking jewelry seemed utterly inappropriate and I couldn’t bring myself to do...

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"Many of Estyn's pieces feel like wearable sculpture and ALL are works of art. Anytime I wear something she has designed I am bound to receive compliments on my jewelry — it’s just that worthy of praise and admiration (and I feel rewarded for my fine taste!)."

- Kate Wechsler, Psychotherapist