Large spool of twine

Tomato plants on garden teepee

I'm always behind with putting up supports for my tomato plants. They grow so quickly once they're in the ground and next thing I know they’re sprawled all over the place.

Garden twine

This giant spool of twine is a very useful tool when it comes to wrangling tomato plants. I also used it to clip photos to for a family reunion party, and I’m thinking it would look good as a rustic gift wrap tie. I’m sure there are dozens of other uses…

Enormous spool of garden twine

I have strong feelings about many of the tools I use. As a maker, these tools are almost as meaningful to me as the things I make. I created #toolsontuesday to keep up the practice of sharing stories about the tools we use and live with.

On Tuesdays, I share one of my favorite tools. I hope you'll share yours in the comments — it feels good to honor these everyday objects.


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