Granny's red scissors

I love everything about these scissors. I don't use them—the hinge is kind of loose and they're blunt and I have a better, newer pair of kitchen scissors—but I like to keep them around, where I'll set eyes on them daily.

vintage kitchen scissors with red handles

My father sent them to me a few years ago, with a manila string tag attached on which he'd written "Granny's Kitchen Scissors", and it was like I was there again, in her little square back kitchen in Edinburgh, with the sliding door cabinets and the very watered down dish soap and the coffee grinder attached to the wall. And there, hanging from another hook, these scissors.

Kumfikut vintage scissor
I have strong feelings about many of the tools I use and look at daily. As a maker, these tools are almost as meaningful to me as the things I make. I created #toolsontuesday to keep up the practice of sharing stories about the tools we use and live with.

Every Tuesday, I share one of my favorite tools. I hope you'll share yours in the comments — it feels good to honor these everyday objects.

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