My aunt Jessica Rose's jewelry designs for Issey Miyake

I was sorry to read that Japanese designer Issey Miyake died this month.

Issey Miyake obituary in the New York Times

Reading his obituary made me go hunting for a book on his work that includes pictures of neck pieces my aunt Jessica Rose designed for one of his collections.

Issey Miyake Bodyworks book

Jessica Rose neck piece in Issey Miyake Bodyworks book

Neck piece by Jessica Rose in Issey Miyake Bodyworks book

Inspired by the shape of ancient Egyptian collars, she made the neck pieces by stringing sequins side-on, sometimes with very subtle color shifts. Two of these pieces are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.

Tucked in between the pages I found this letter from Issey to Jessica with a polaroid attached from a photo shoot.

Letter from Issey Miyake to jewelry designer & artist Jessica Rose
Jessica - 
Here, we just had a photo session.
It was great!
As you see your work is perfect. On black dresses I prefer black and dark brown series. For this dress it could be a little bit wider. (only one or two lines)
Thank you very much.
See you soon!




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