2 antique hand mirrors

Mirrors are such useful tools. These two are in my studio, still useful after many long years of service. The green one belonged to my grandmother's cousins Phyllis and Margaret. I inherited it when they went into a nursing home in the early 1990s. The black mirror used to sit on my mother's dresser until she gave it to me.⁣⠀

Antique wooden mirrors

Tuxedo cat reflected in vintage mirror

I love their thick bevels, the smoothness of their handles worn from use, and the patina of wear and tear.⁣⠀

Close up of antique hand mirrors

I have strong feelings about many of the tools I use. As a maker, these tools are almost as meaningful to me as the things I make. I created #toolsontuesday to keep up the practice of sharing stories about the tools we use and live with.⁣⠀
On Tuesdays, I share some of my favorite tools. I hope you'll share yours in the comments — it feels good to honor these everyday objects.⁣⠀


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