Making a brass container

At my last metalsmithing workshop I learned to make a brass container. For much of the class I felt like all I'd achieved was making what looked like a piece of copper pipe because the copper in the metal rose to the surface during the process and the patina made the surface look very rough.

Copper patina on brass container in process

Once I got to the finishing stage I filed the surface to remove the patina and found that I liked the marks that the file made.

Brass container with file marks on surface

I got a different texture on the lid because it's flat and not curved so the file acted differently.

Texture on brass top of container

I like the imperfections, including the visible silver solder where I joined the shaped sheet metal into a tube.

Circular brass container

It's a simple object but I'm very pleased with all the things I learned in making it. And I have so much more to learn...




  • This is amazingly beautiful in its “simplicity”! I think it’s just wonderful that you are delving into metalsmithing!

    Mor Pipman on

  • Fascinating process! Glad you keep learning new skills…

    Puja Thomson on

  • Beautiful! I love the marks too.

    Lora Shelley on

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