Tessa von Walderdorff & Barron Hilton

I love the timeless look achieved in these photographs of Barron Hilton with his fiancé Tessa von Walderdorff wearing my jewelry. 

Tessa von Walderdorff and Barron Hilton, jewelry by Jessica Rose and Estyn Hulbert

Pearl Adisa neck piece, Ruffle Bracelet and Cluster earrings.

Corset and skirt: Maggie Norris Couture
Dinner jacket: Paisley & Gray
His brooch: Verdura
Her shoes: Christian Louboutin

Tessa von Walderdorff styled by Cynthia Altoriso

Tessa von Walderdorff wearing Estyn Hulbert and Jessica Rose jewelry

Tessa von Walderdorff modeling Jessica Rose and Estyn Hulbert jewelry

Barron Hilton and Tessa von Walderdorff, 2017

Bullet choker, rings, Wild Geese bracelet and Graduated Circles earrings

Hats: Ellen Christine Couture
Black coat: Maggie Norris Couture
Suit: Paisley & Gray

Tessa von Walderdorff wearing Estyn Hulbert earrings

Pearl Princess earrings.

Fur stole: Helen Yarmak
Bench: Agostino Antiquest

Read the interview with Tessa von Walderdorff in Spirit and Flesh magazine.

Style & Production: Cynthia Altoriso
Photographer: Greg Gulbransen 
Backdrop: Charles Broderson
Hair & Makeup: Jerry Lopez
Photography Assistant: Billy Jim
Production Assistant: Yashi G.