Circle Drop Earrings - White Pearl

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There's something romantic about these earrings. 

The tapered pearl circles cascade delicately, showing prettily against long hair, or accentuating an up do or short cut.

They're perfect for a beach vacation, worn during the day with a loose top and capris, or with a little linen dress in the evening. 

  • Freshwater pearls
  • 14k gold-filled chain
  • Hand-shaped 14k gold ear wires (can be swapped for posts or screw backs if you prefer)

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Also available in champagne or black.

I gave a pair of these earrings to a friend to wear at her wedding. She then wore them non-stop on her honeymoon, sending me selfies from exotic Greek locations.

A couple of years later she sent me the first picture of herself with her newly born daughter. Guess which earrings she was wearing...